Sallie Lang, Founder + Licensed Contractor

Sallie started Bliss Construction in 1993 working on various remodels and additions. However, after working on her own she got an amazing opportunity to work for Paul Discoe, the founder of Joinery Structures, building Larry Ellison's storied Japanese-style estate in Woodside from the ground up. She was a project manager for seven years on that project and was trained in traditional Japanese joinery. The most important thing she learned during that time was how to deal with an incredibly complex process. This included sourcing rare materials, developing new technologies and finding skilled artisans who could work at this level. She coordinated many different layers of the construction process including managing people and materials. When the project was completed she decided to pursue her dream of having a design build company and opened as Bliss Design Build. Today she is the construction arm of Bliss Design Build and is still a master of the detail. She is involved from the initial design phase and through her experience and knowledge helps make sure our designs stay on budget.

Amy Harwin, Designer + Partner


Amy moved to the San Francisco Bay area in 2003 after getting her Master's in Architecture at ASU. She initially worked on high end restaurants, multi-use buildings and even schools.. However, during this time she became very interested in the modern pre-fab movement that used alternative "green" technologies to build. She got the opportunity to move to Toby Long Designs/CleverHomes a firm headed in that direction. While there she worked on a project sponsored by Mayor Gavin Newsom called the NowHouse that was showcased in San Francisco for these qualities.  After this she worked for Michelle Kaufmann Designs who was a leader in pre-fab architecture.  In 2008 Amy became the design arm for Bliss Design Build. Her pre-fab experience helped hone her design skills for creative solutions in tight spaces and her varied experience in different typologies helps her think outside the box to find the right design solutions. She always has the big picture in mind and loves to solve design problems that help transform peoples lives by transforming the spaces they live in.

Together Sallie and Amy make a great team as they have the micro and macro design skills to meet any challenges whether during design or construction.


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