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Sallie Lang, Contractor

Sallie started Bliss Construction in 1993 working on various remodels and additions. After completing a 7-year project for Larry Ellison, she decided to pursue her dream of having a design build company and opened as Bliss Design Build. Today she is the construction arm of Bliss and is still a master of the detail. She is involved from the initial design phase and through her experience and knowledge helps make sure our designs stay on budget.


Amy Harwin, Architect 

Amy initially worked on high end restaurants, multi-use buildings and  schools, before moving into residential design. She worked for various  pre-fab architecture companies and always was interested in finding ways to do high end design while also being cost effective. Her work history has helped hone her design skills for creative solutions in tight spaces. She always has the big picture in mind and loves to solve design problems that help transform peoples' lives by transforming the spaces they live in.

We are a full service design build company, with 13 years of experience who love to create beautiful spaces.  Your goals are our goals. We want your home to beautifully fit your lifestyle as well as your budget.  


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